Dramshop Liability Case

2016 award in favor of the family and estate of Maui resident Patricia Leengrow, who was struck by a drunk driver on the Pali Highway. Most of the funds were paid by the insurance company for the bar, Nachos Grande, after we proved that Nachos Grande had overserved alcohol to the at-fault driver.

$1.225 Million for wrongful death

Toxic Tort Claim

Industrial accident caused release of gases; Mr. Ranken’s clients were 30 neighbors of the plant who experienced respiratory symptoms and had to flee their homes.

$850,000 for “Toxic Tort” claim

Swimming Pool Accident

Gate lock on condo pool was poorly maintained, allowing unsupervised child to gain access.

$658,000 for Swimming Pool Accident

Slip and Fall Accident

Arm fracture, shoulder injury, and torn meniscus (knee). Our client was off work for six months. We established that the glazed tile installed at the hotel was too slippery to be safe for outdoor use.

$500,000 for Slip and Fall at Hotel

Products Liability Claim

Our injured client was the driver of a runaway truck; in a highly technical trial we were able to prove that the braking system malfunctioned.

$410,169 Arbitration Award – Products Liability

Slip and Fall Accident

The Defendant was a national chain restaurant.

$292,500 for Fall on Slippery Stairs

Motorcycle Injury

For motorcycle rider who suffered leg injury when a car turned in front of him.

$225,000 Mediation Result

Auto Accident Injuries

Our client suffered several broken bones and could not return to work; we were able to identify and collect the policy limits from multiple sources of insurance.

$500,000 Settlement for Head-on collision

Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accident causing back injury, at a Kihei, Maui condominium complex.

$225,000 Settlement for Slip and Fall

Trip and Fall Accident

Our expert witness established that a marble threshold between the hall and bathroom of our client’s room exceeded the safe height.

$145,000 for Trip and Fall at High-end Maui Hotel

Boating Accident

The captain of a tour boat conducted an unsafe maneuver causing our client, a woman visiting from California, to fall and suffer dental injuries.

$140,000 for Boating Accident

Premises Liability Claim

Visitor suffered ankle injury due to uneven paving stones at a popular Maui tourist attraction.

$46,500 Premises Liability Award

Auto Accident Injury

Leg injury from highway collision.

$132,000 Auto Accident Settlement

Auto Accident Injuries

Husband and wife received back and neck injuries from collision on the road to Hana.

$118,000 Judgment

Auto Accident Case

Liability was disputed but through thorough investigation and forensic analysis, we proved that our client had the right of way and the other driver (operating a company van) was at fault.

$105,000 Award for Intersection Collision

Bicycle Accident Case

Bicyclist struck by van.

$100,000 Settlement

Wrongful Termination Claim

Full back wages awarded against hotel after federal court trial for wrongful termination of our client, an assistant manager.

Full Back Wages Awarded