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When you are a landlord, dealing with a problematic tenant can be frustrating. Whether you are not receiving rent payments or have a tenant who will not vacate the premises, conflict can easily escalate. Conversely, if you are a tenant faced with wrongful eviction or mistreatment at the hands of your landlord, you may be wondering if you can take action to defend yourself.

Our skilled attorneys at Anthony Ranken & Associates in Maui, Hawaii, know how to streamline landlord-tenant communication and, where necessary, litigation, so that the issue at hand can be resolved as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Whether you need advice as to your rights and duties as a landlord or a tenant, or need a legal professional to intervene in a situation that is beyond your ability to resolve on your own, we can help.

We Handle a Variety of Landlord-Tenant Issues in Hawaii

Our attorneys have the skills and experience to help clients through many different legal problems, including:

  • Evicting a tenant,
  • Fighting a wrongful eviction order,
  • Mediating a dispute, or
  • Recovering lost rent or other damages.

Our attorneys have many different strategies they can employ to attempt to resolve your dispute without ever stepping foot in a courtroom. We can help landlords and tenants understand both their rights and their legal obligations, and provide the proper written notices that will stand up in court. We facilitate effective communication with the opposing party and help our clients efficiently achieve the desired outcome while avoiding dangerous counterclaims. 

We have experience advising and representing clients in a range of unique landlord-tenant problems. We believe in facilitating clear communication with the other party, to avoid letting legal disputes get out of hand. We pride ourselves in looking out for our clients’ bottom line, always striving to resolve cases efficiently and cost-effectively so as to minimize attorney fees and costs.

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Why Hire a Landlord-Tenant Attorney?

The area of landlord-tenant law is highly specific. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of the laws and regulations that landlords and tenants must abide by. Because of our in-depth knowledge of this complex domain, we can help advise you on the best course of action to take if you are dealing with a problem tenant or an out-of-line landlord.

When a tenancy is being terminated by either party, there are specific obligations on both sides, and strict timetables to be followed. Having an attorney by your side who knows the law and can represent your best interests can be highly beneficial in achieving favorable, timely, and money-saving resolutions.

Working through a landlord-tenant dispute without legal help may seem like the right option for your situation. However, having an attorney by your side who knows the law and can represent your best interests can be highly beneficial to reaching a fair, favorable, and timely resolution.

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Prompt action is important in most landlord-tenant situations. We can advise you on the necessary documentation and timelines and set you on your way to putting this problem behind you.

Don’t deal with the complex and confusing world of landlord-tenant law on your own. Contact our legal team at Anthony Ranken & Associates Attorneys at Law today to set up a free initial case evaluation. We are proud to serve clients throughout the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Landlord-Tenant Dispute Attorneys in Maui, Hawaii

Don’t deal with an out-of-line landlord or disagreeable tenant on your own. Contact our skilled attorneys at Anthony Ranken & Associates today to set up an initial case consultation. We can advise you on the best course of action to take if you have a landlord-tenant dispute in Maui, Hawaii.