Hard-working & Fearless

“My hard-working and fearless attorneys Anthony Ranken and Sam Shnider achieved an awesome resolution for me of a tough case. I was about to accept the other side’s settlement offer but Anthony said “Trust me, don’t take it.” He filed motions and did some hard-nosed negotiating, and a month later I ended up getting seven times more money than the first offer.”

-Sandra S.

Forever Grateful

“While working as a lifeguard I was riding my bike on a short break. Passing a parked car, a woman opened her car door in front of me. No witnesses and she claimed it was my fault. My leg was fractured and although the surgery was successful I lost time from work and had sizable medical bills. A lawyer friend of mine recommended Anthony Ranken and I am forever grateful that she did. He was able to show the driver was at fault and won me a settlement totaling $90,000. Because of his diligence, I was able to pay for extensive rehab, compensated for my pain and suffering and reimbursed for lost wages. He got my medical bills reduced and even saved my credit score. There is no better lawyer and no more dogged adversary than Anthony Ranken. He is a lifesaver and I should know!”

-Sean G.

Thank You!

“We were treated very well by the firm, and our case was handled very professionally as well.”

-A Satisfied Client

Succesful Outcome

“Mr. Ranken was my attorney in a federal lawsuit brought against my business and me as an individual in 2003 and succeeded in having the case dismissed. In 2016, Mr. Ranken represented me in a case against a Maui business and again achieved a successful outcome. Mr. Ranken, a graduate of The University of California, Berkeley, School of Law, one of the top 10 law schools in the world, is very smart and gets to the heart of the matter quickly….he also understands and appreciates the concept of not wasting a client’s time. Consult with Mr. Ranken for a successful outcome of your legal issues.”

-Martin K.