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Avoid Posting on Social Media After Your Accident

Ranken & Shnider, Attorneys at Law Nov. 15, 2023

According to statistics from the Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT), there were about 572 serious injuries in traffic crashes statewide in 2022. Being involved in an auto crash can be an emotional experience. However, the next steps you take – or avoid taking – can have a significant effect on the outcome of your injury claim. Nevertheless, you shouldn't post on social media after the incident to protect yourself and avoid hurting your case unintentionally. 

At Ranken & Shnider, Attorneys at Law , we're ready and poised to support and represent accident victims in their injury claims. Our seasoned Hawaii personal injury attorneys can enlighten you about how social media can affect your injury claims and what you should do to protect yourself. In addition, we will fight for your rights and help you seek your rightful financial justice. Our firm proudly serves clients across Maui and surrounding areas throughout Hawaii. 

Social Media and Your Image 

In Hawaii and across the United States, several individuals utilize different social media platforms – such as YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – to share information, connect with family and friends, and engage with news content. However, your social media posts or the form of content you post, share, or engage with can give an idea of your personality or the kind of person you may be. Contrarily, this projected image of you may not be totally correct. 

Furthermore, any individual or entity that wants to make you appear careless, deceptive, or irresponsible can easily judge you using the posts and content on your social media pages. Unfortunately, the insurance provider or claims adjuster can interpret these pictures or comments to suit their narrative. This is usually the case if they're searching for any excuse to undervalue or deny your injury claims. They can take your posts out of context or interpret your comments incorrectly. 

How Social Media Can Affect Your Car Accident Case 

Here's how your social media posts and comments can affect your auto accident case: 

  • Depict You as Irresponsible: Your social media posts and comments can depict you in an irresponsible or careless manner. This may be inaccurate and may hurt the credibility of your claims with the claims adjuster, insurance carrier, judge, or jury. 

  • Show Contradictory Actions: Also, your social media posts can show inconsistencies between your actions, health situation, and the reported injuries. For example, if you reported an arm injury to the insurer but posted a video of you lifting a load on Facebook, the insurance company may become suspicious regarding the magnitude of your injuries. 

  • Attract More Scrutiny: In addition, posting on social media can lead to more scrutiny. The insurer can hire a private investigator or use advanced technology to monitor and investigate your social media posts. 

  • Additional Evidence Needed: Also, if you unknowingly post a photo where your reported injuries contradict your actions, you will need additional evidence to show the magnitude of your injuries and pain. 

For this reason, staying away from or not posting on social media after your accident is advisable to protect yourself and make sure you don't hurt your case inadvertently. 

Steps to Take to Protect Yourself 

If you were hurt in a negligent accident or have ongoing injury claims, here are some insightful tips to protect yourself: 

  • Avoid posting on your social media pages following the injury or accident. 

  • Do not hide or delete posts that are already on your page from the insurer or claims adjusters. 

  • Activate the highest privacy levels on your social media pages. 

  • Make your posts visible to your loved ones and followers alone. 

  • Evaluate your personal details and information on your social media accounts. 

  • Get proper guidance on how to remove or preserve your social media posts. 

  • Avoid accepting new friends or followers during this period. 

  • Do not post new comments until you've settled your claims. 

  • If your friends tag you in posts that make you look careless, notify your lawyer immediately. 

  • Be careful about any posts and comments that you drop on your page. 

  • Finally, get reliable advocacy from your lawyer before doing anything on social media. 

An experienced Hawaii car accident attorney can fully explain what to do – or not do – and help improve your chances of a successful outcome in your accident claims. 

Get an Experienced Attorney's Advice  

Posting on social media after a personal injury or accident can affect your case in ways you may not expect. At Ranken & Shnider, Attorneys at Law, we're dedicated to representing clients in their accident cases. Our attorneys can investigate your case details, analyze your social media posts and comments, and take preemptive steps to protect your claims. Also, we will advocate for your best interests and help you pursue the financial compensation you deserve. 

Contact us at Ranken & Shnider, Attorneys at Law, today to schedule a simple case evaluation with trusted personal injury lawyers. Our seasoned attorneys can fight for your rights and offer you the compassionate representation and support you need in your case. We proudly serve clients across Maui and surrounding communities throughout Hawaii.